Previous Courses

The first Scandinavian course in Neurosurgery was held at Beitostølen in 1997. By combining the best neurosurgical lectureres of Scandinavia with the possibility to discuss differences in patient management between the departments the course was an instant success. The course maintains a reputation for fostering a friendly atmosphere encouraging optimal learning and high-quality discussions between residents and lecturers.

The course was established by professor Iver Langmoen and was later chaired by professor Eirik Helseth (2006-2008) and Jon Ramm-Pettersen (2008-2016).  

The Annual Scandinavian Course in Neurosurgery runs over a four-year cycle covering all aspects of neurosurgery. The course is usually held during week 12.  

20 - 25 March, 2022: General and Functional Neurosurgery

27 September - October 1, 2021: Neurotraumatology and Neurointensive Care
(Digital Course)

22 - 26 March 2021: Intracranial and Intraspinal Tumors
(Digital Course)

17 - 22 March, 2019: Neurovascular and Degenerative Spinal Diseases

18 - 23 March, 2018: General and Functional Neurosurgery

19 - 24 March, 2017: Neurotraumatology and Neurointensive Care

13 - 18 March, 2016: Intracranial and Intraspinal Tumors

15 - 20 March, 2015: Vascular and Degenerative Spinal Neurosurgery