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Deadline for registration is January 31, 2020.

Registration fee

Norwegian residents and participants from outside of Scandinavia: NOK 7 000
Danish and Finnish residents: NOK 2 000

This will be billed separately from the Norwegian Medical Association.

The registration fee for Swedish residents is handled by the SK-course.

Note for our Norwegian participants:

You also need to register you participation at:

to be able to get your course refunded and your certificate.

Note for our Swedish participants:

You also need to register your participation att to be able to get your Swedish certificate.

Note for our non-Scandinavian participants:

We need your invoice information, for the course fee, when you register. Please remember to add it in the payment section even if you plan to pay your stay by credit card.

If you have any questions or  problems with the registration due to firewalls etc please let us know