Intracranial and spinal tumors


Date: September 26 - October 1, 2021

We are preparing for a digital course due to Covid -19

Neurotrauma spans a wide range of pathology - from low energy sports injuries to high, energy brain and spinal damage in a multi trauma patient. The epidemiology of neurotrauma is vastly different around the globe, but all neurosurgeons are involved in the treatment of such patient throughout a career. How do we evaluate return to sports? What is the best strategy on interacting within a trauma team? What is the best protocol to avoid reduced intracranial perfusion? How will evolving imaging, machine learning and biomarkers transform the field?

We welcome you again to Beitostølen to learn and discuss, with this postponed course originally planned for spring 2021. As always, the main focus is on group discussions.

As in previous years there will be exams in the curriculum of the course and neurosurgical anatomy. We will award the best exam results with prizes for both the general course curriculum and the neuroanatomy exam. Students doing research will also have the opportunity to present a short abstract on Thursday to earn both honor and a prize.

Evaluations and examinations will be collected and evaluated using the Socrative app. We encourage all participants to download and familiarize themselves with this software before coming to Beitostølen.

Come join us to discuss these, and many more, questions at this years fall version of the Scandinavian Course in Neurosurgery - Beitostølen 2021.

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Curriculum for the course is: 

-Handbook of Neurosurgery, Greenberg, 8th ed, s. 584-824 

-EANO guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of diffuse gliomas of adulthood

Preliminary Program Neurotrauma 2021, without lecturers